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Former head of pandemic response team speaks out: 'I'm frankly scared'“Isolating cases, tracking contacts, all of those things we’re talking about now, we really should have been talking about in January,” Beth Cameron said on Yahoo’s “Skullduggery” podcast.

5/23/2020 11:31:25 AM

Missing Ohio high school senior Madison Bell found safeMadison “Maddie” Bell, 18, who had been missing since last Sunday, has been found safe, according to the Highland County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday. She was last seen around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 17, 2020, when she left her home in Greenfield, Ohio, to go tanning at the Country Corner Market over the county line in Highland County. But she never made it there. Her car was found nearby in the Good Shepherd Church parking lot with the windows rolled up. The keys were in the ignition an

5/23/2020 8:22:00 AM

Western Australia battered by worst storms in a decadeHomes were destroyed and tens of thousands of people left without power as a “once in a decade” storm pummelled the western half of Western Australia on Sunday night, with worse expected overnight and on Monday morning. The storm, which is expected to continue well into Monday, was described by Bureau of Meteorology state manager James Ashley as a “dynamic and complex” weather formation caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Mangga interacting with a cold front. Winds of more than 100kmh destroyed power lines and tore roofs from homes and businesses late on Sunday and the storm was expected to worsen overnight as it moved south along the coast, with winds up 130kmh predicted. Western Power spokesperson Paul Entwistle told WA Today that about 37,000 homes and businesses in Perth, the state capital, had lost power by Sunday evening, along with 13,000 properties are in Western Australia’s Mid West region, including the port city of Geraldton, where it was reported that rooftops torn from homes collided with power lines. In Perth, a radio tower was believed to have fallen onto power lines in the city’s eastern suburbs, contributing to the disruption of supply. Dozens of traffic lights across the city were knocked out. The entire town of Margaret River, a popular tourist destination about 240km south of Perth and home to 8,000 people, lost power. By late Sunday afternoon, the state’s emergency services had received more than 200 calls for help. A deep low-pressure system was forecast to form off the south-west corner of the state. Mr Ashley told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Sunday that “in a broad area, the south-west of the state will be hit really severely overnight, tonight and into tomorrow”. “Really quite severe conditions will still be experienced in Perth tomorrow morning… (And) in small pockets up in the north of the state they are still likely to experience those 130 kilometre per hour [winds], those really severe conditions. “I should emphasise it's pretty much the whole western half of the state that's getting strong northerly winds at the moment,” he said. The Bureau of Meteorology also predicted ten-metre high waves would hit the south west coast of the state on Monday morning, following seven-metre waves along the Gascoyne to Geraldton coast further north. In Geraldton, more than 400km north of Perth, winds of 113kmh were recorded as the city, along with surrounding areas, were shrouded with dust. Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Jessica Lingard told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the “wind is picking up the dust through parts of the Gascoyne and the Central West, but the rain should increase in the coming hours so hopefully that will dampen that down… We are expecting conditions to worsen down the west coast as we move into this afternoon”. The dust storm caused low visibility which complicated efforts to tackle an out-of-control bushfire in the southern part of Waggrakine, in the City of Greater Geraldton. “There is a possible threat to lives and homes as a fire is approaching in the area and conditions are changing,” the Department of Fire and Emergency Services warned on Sunday afternoon.

5/24/2020 7:17:49 AM

Coronavirus in South Africa: President Ramaphosa says outbreak will get worseCyril Ramaphosa nevertheless announces an easing of the lockdown, and that alcohol sales can resume.

5/25/2020 3:25:04 AM

Gov. Cuomo: travelers from Europe 'brought the virus to New York'Cuomo said Trump's Europe travel ban — which initially excluded the UK and Ireland — triggered a rush of Americans who returned home with the virus.

5/24/2020 12:54:38 PM

More than 40 diagnosed with COVID-19 after Frankfurt church serviceMore than 40 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus following a church service in Frankfurt, Germany's financial center, earlier this month, the head of the city's health department told a news agency on Saturday. The service took place on May 10 at a Baptist church, the department's deputy chief Antoni Walczok told local newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau. Churches in the German state of Hesse, where Frankfurt is located, have been able to hold services since May 1 provided they adhere to official social distancing and hygiene rules.

5/23/2020 10:38:15 AM

Charlamagne Tha God Reacts to Joe Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’ ApologyMSNBC’s Joy Reid opened her interview with Charlamagne Tha God on Sunday morning by congratulating him on his interview this past week with former Vice President Joe Biden—even if all anyone wants to talk about are the final few seconds. Biden came under swift fire on Friday when he pushed back against the popular radio host’s suggestion that he might still have “questions” for the candidate before the 2020 election. “You’ve got more questions?” Biden asked. “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”Shortly after that interview, Biden apologized for his remarks on a conference call with the Black Chamber of Commerce. Reid played Charlamagne a portion of his apology, in which Biden admonished himself for being “so cavalier” and said, “No one should have to vote for any party based on their race or religion or background.”Asked if there’s a “risk” that Biden and the Democratic Party as a whole take the black vote for granted, Charlamagne said, “I know that's the attitude. That's why I don't ever care about the words and the lip service and the apology is cool, but the best apology is actually a black agenda.”“They’ve got to make some real policy commitments to black people,” he continued. “We’ve got to stop acting like the fact that blacks are overrepresented in America when it comes to welfare, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, drug addiction, crime, coronavirus—that’s no accident. The whole function of systemic racism is to marginalize black people.”‘Wise Guy’ Biden Apologizes for ‘You Ain’t Black’ GaffeOn one side, Charlamagne said he sees “whites telling us to stay in our place” and on the other, “black people saying, ‘Oh, stop, now is not the time, you're going to get Trump re-elected.’” He said, “It has to come to the point where we stop putting the burden on black voters and start putting the burden on Democrats to show up for black voters.” Charlamagne made clear both in his interview with Biden and on MSNBC Sunday morning that Biden picking a progressive black female running mate would go a long way towards demonstrating his commitment to that community. So Reid asked him what he will do if Biden picks someone like Amy Klobuchar instead.“On top of possible Russian interference and voter suppression, they have to worry about voter depression,” he replied. “And that’s people staying home on election day because they aren't enthused by the candidate. You can’t act like this is the most important election ever but run a campaign from your basement and not make some real policy commitments to the black community and not listen to some of the demands that the black community are making. I think people are sitting around hoping that Trump loses instead of going out there and actually beating him.” Joe Biden Shows Trump How to Grieve in Emotional ‘Colbert’ InterviewRead more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

5/24/2020 11:29:49 AM

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to stop release of inmates at risk for COVID-19If COVID-19 poses risks to elderly inmates, may a judge order their release? Trump administration lawyers say no and ask Supreme Court to intervene.

5/23/2020 2:31:38 PM

Britain’s Boris Johnson gambles on public forgiveness for top aideThe prime minister said Dominic Cummings “acted responsibly” despite alleged lockdown breaches.

5/24/2020 3:21:34 PM

Coronavirus: Ohio health officials apologise for telling black Americans to avoid ‘gang symbolism’ on face masksPublic health officials in Ohio were forced to issue an apology after their guidance on face masks told black Americans not to wear gang colours or symbols on home-made coverings.The Franklin County Public Health board, which covers the state’s largest city Columbus, released a document last month addressed at “communities of colour” about wearing face masks.

5/23/2020 8:20:00 AM

Trump heads to golf course, says will attend space launchDonald Trump on Saturday underlined his push for a return to normal life in the US by making his first visit to a golf course in two months and confirming he would attend a space launch next week. Trump took a 35-minute drive from the White House to the Trump National club in Sterling, Virginia, in reportedly his first visit to a golf property since March 8. The White House on Saturday also confirmed the president would attend the May 27 launch in Florida of two astronauts on a SpaceX mission -- the first crewed space flight from US soil in nine years.

5/23/2020 11:22:51 AM

Coronavirus live updates: U.S. death toll nears 100,000 on muted Memorial Day weekendHere are the latest updates from around the world.

5/24/2020 10:05:05 AM

Western Australia hit by 'once-in-a-decade' stormA vast stretch of coast is lashed by torrential rain and huge swells, causing widespread damage.

5/25/2020 12:26:54 AM

A haunting image of a body abandoned in the street in coronavirus-racked Rio shows how Brazil's health system is struggling to copeBrazil is now the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America, with a rocketing death toll and leadership crisis.

5/23/2020 9:29:10 AM

China says opposes all U.S. restrictions on Chinese airlinesChina said on Monday it opposes all U.S. restrictions imposed against Chinese airlines, responding to a report that the U.S. Transportation Department has demanded Chinese carriers file their schedules and other flight details by May 27. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said flight restrictions imposed by Beijing treated all airlines equally and were due to efforts to curb COVID-19 related risks. The U.S. government late on Friday accused the Chinese government of making it impossible for U.S. airlines to resume service to China.

5/25/2020 2:40:31 AM

North Korea's Kim holds meeting on bolstering nuclear forcesNorth Korean leader Kim Jong Un convened a key military meeting to discuss bolstering the country's nuclear arsenal and putting its armed forces on high alert, state media reported Sunday, in Kim's first known public appearance in about 20 days. Kim earlier this month quelled intense rumors about his health by attending a ceremony marking the completion of a fertilizer factory in what at the time was his first public appearance in 20 days.

5/23/2020 11:43:24 PM

Muslims finding new ways to celebrate Eid amid coronavirusThis year, Muslims are relying on Zoom calls, live-streamed sermons and drive-through celebrations.

5/24/2020 5:35:57 PM

Former head of pandemic response team at the NSC speaks out: 'I'm frankly scared'The official who oversaw epidemic preparedness for the National Security Council under President Obama said the absence of public guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic leaves her “frankly scared.” She also believes and that eliminating her position weakened the American response to the coronavirus when it emerged 18 months later.

5/23/2020 3:46:52 PM

Exclusive: Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine trial has 50 per cent chance of 'no result'It began in January as a “little lab project” after a curious new disease emerged in China. Little more than four months later, the eyes of the nation - and perhaps the world - are firmly upon Professor Adrian Hill and his team at Oxford University. This week, the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca announced a $1.2 billion deal with the US government to produce 400 million doses of the unproven coronavirus vaccine first produced in Prof Hill's Oxford lab. Meanwhile, the British Government has agreed to pay for up to 100 million doses, adding that 30 million may be ready for UK citizens by September. The stakes could hardly be higher. If proven effective, the ZD1222 vaccine would allow people to leave their homes, go back to work, and rebuild the economy. But Professor Hill, director of the university’s Jenner Institute, revealed that his team now faces a major problem, throwing the September deadline into doubt. In short, their adversary is disappearing so rapidly in the UK that the next phase of trials has only a 50 per cent chance of success. Without Covid-19 spreading in the community, volunteers will not catch the disease, leaving scientists unable to prove that their vaccine makes any difference. Professor Hill said that of 10,000 people recruited to test the vaccine in the coming weeks - half of whom will be given a placebo - he expected fewer than 50 people to catch the virus. If fewer than 20 test positive, then the results may be useless, he warned.

5/23/2020 11:00:48 AM

Letters to the Editor: Why is the Trump administration working so hard to deport immigrant children?There's nothing that can justify preventing a 16-year-old immigrant from seeing her lawyer and suddenly deporting her by herself.

5/24/2020 5:00:31 AM

SpaceX ready to launch astronauts into space for the first timeUS President Donald Trump will be among the spectators at Kennedy Space Center in Florida to witness the launch, which has been given the green light despite months of shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic. The general public, in a nod to virus restrictions, has been told to watch via a livestream as Crew Dragon is launched by a Falcon 9 rocket toward the International Space Station. NASA's Commercial Crew program, aimed at developing private spacecraft to transport American astronauts in to space, began under Barack Obama.

5/23/2020 9:48:17 PM

Decision not to extend Pa. vote-by-mail deadline could lower AAPI turnoutWith the primary less than two weeks away, community organizers are scrambling to mobilize socially and linguistically isolated AAPI voters.

5/23/2020 3:24:14 PM

Democrats, media dismiss Biden's 'you ain't black' remarkTezlyn Figaro, political analyst and former social justice director for Sen. Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign, reacts.

5/25/2020 6:05:21 AM

Myanmar updates U.N. court on 'confidential' Rohingya measuresMyanmar has filed a report on its adherence to measures to protect its Rohingya Muslim minority imposed by the United Nations' highest court, but details of the document have not been published. Mainly-Muslim Gambia filed a suit against Myanmar in November at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), accusing it of "ongoing genocide" against the Rohingya after expelling more than 730,000. Pending a final ruling, ICJ judges imposed provisional measures obliging Myanmar to protect any evidence of crimes and prevent acts of violence.

5/25/2020 5:21:52 AM

Baby gorilla badly injured in family skirmish at Seattle zooA baby gorilla was badly injured at a Seattle zoo on Saturday when he was caught in a skirmish between his family group members, zookeepers said. Animal health experts at the Woodland Park Zoo say little Kitoko was bitten on the head, likely by accident when another gorilla tried to bite his mother, Uzumma. Kitoko sustained a fractured skull and a severe laceration, but zoo officials say the 2-month-old gorilla underwent surgery and may fully recover if he doesn't develop an infection.

5/24/2020 4:00:41 PM